How to Download Twitch on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch was missing twitch app for a long time but not anymore. The company have made Twitch available on Switch. You can download the app from eshop of the switch. The app is pretty simple and you don’t have to do much around to get it started. The app contains a home tab where you can watch recommended videos and streams, a search tab to search for videos and a browse tab to browse game streams and categories.

However, currently, you can only watch streams on the app. You can not start your own steam or download the stream. Streaming your gameplay feature might or might not be available on the future. We will keep you posted!

Here’s how you can Download Twitch on Switch:

  1. Start your Nintendo Switch
  2. Go to eShop
  3. Search for Twitch
  4. Click on the twitch icon and click Download.
  5. Open the app and signup. You can signup either by scanning QR code in your phone or entering the 8-digit code from
  6. Enjoy the stream

Although there are not much option for streaming in Switch, there are YouTube, Hulu and now twitch that gamers can enjoy while gaming once in a while.

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