How to Enable Join Multiplayer Game Without an Invite on Google Stadia?

Google Stadia Players Can Now Join a Multiplayer Game without an Invite

Google as finally introduced joining a multiplayer game without an invite on Google Stadia. Google announced this feature almost after 2 years and it’s available on Console platforms and PC launchers. The feature is already live on Far Cry 6 as confirmed in a support page. You can now join a multiplayer battle with your friends without having the send/receive an invite.

However, Google mentions that the feature is only available in selected number of games and it is disabled by default. If you want to join a room, the room need to have that feature enable for you join join it. Otherwise, you still have to receive an invite. Later, 9to5Google confirmed the feature is not actually disabled by default but enabled. They published a thread regarding this on their page.

How to Enable Join Multiplayer Game Without an Invite on Google Stadia?

To enable join multiplayer mode without an invite on Google stadia:

  1. Go to Privacy Settings under “Your Activity
  2. Go to Current Game
  3. Turn on “Join Your Current Game
  4. Choose either “All Players” or “Friends” to enable who can join game without an invite
  5. Save the changes

Once the changes are live, the selected group of people will be able to join the game without you having to send an invite to all of them.

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