How to Install Fortnite on Android [Updated 2021]

Fornite was launched for android devices in 2018 exclusively to Samsung smartphones to promote Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Only a few android phones were qualified to play the game at the time of release. But since Google charges 30% of in-app purchases fee, Epic started using its own website and Fortnite installer program to distribute game to all compatible android devices.

Epic has stated clearly to not download Fortnite for playstore or any third party website or players might face ban. Epic requests players to only use their official website to download and play Fortnite on mobile devices. If you search for Fortnite on play store you will probably not find it as it is now available to download from Epic’s official website.

Download the Game Installer

The Fortnite for Android devices uses unique distribution model to distribute the game to android users. You will have to download two different application in order to install the game. The first is Fortnite Installer which is the official apk file provided by the Epic Games and second one are the game files installed through the installer.

You have to first install the Fortnite installer. You might have to turn off the third-party applications special permissions from the android settings. This is because android devices doesn’t accept third-party applications unless they are granted permissions to. After turning-off the permission, you can install the apk and install in-game files form the installer.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to install fortnite on Android Devices:

Step-by-Step Guide on Installing Fortnite on Android Devices

  1. If you are a Samsung user, you can download the installer for Epic Games from the Galaxy Store.
  2. For non-Samsung users, go to Epic’s website. In the website, you will find a page mentioning visit on your smartphone or scan QR code.
  3. You can choose any option. Regardless of option, you will be redirected to a page that provides instructions on how to install game. A pop-up will appear for the installer. Tap open to go forward.
  4. You might get a security notification with a message “Unknown Application“. Tap on settings, and tap install unknown apps. You can
  5. tap on “Allow from the source” to allow all APK’s to install from this source.
  6. Tap on “Install“. Tap on Done once you get the app installed pop-up.
  7. The Fortnite installer for android devices will now appear on homepage and in your app list labeled as “Epic Games“. You may also receive a notification to download the APK. Tap on the notification and you’ll see the Fortnite page.
  8. Tap on the page and tap on “Install“.
  9. You will again receive a message “Unknown Application”. Go to settings and tap on “Allow from this source” once again.
  10. The Fortnite for Android will now begin installation. Wait for it to finish the installation process, update game settings and files.
  11. Tap on open once the app is installed.

Once the app is installed, you can login to your Fortnite account, and start playing the game. Don’t remove the Epic Games Fortnite Installer as it will be important to update game later.

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