Dr. Disrespect Launches AAA Game Studio, Midnight Society

Guy Beahm a.k.a Dr. Disrespect is known for two things:- his moustache and mastery of battle royale games. Reports say he has never taken off his headphones ever since he was born. After playing and streaming tons of games, Dr. Disrespect gained a massive fan following on YouTube and Twitch. You may criticize him for his rage but you can never question his dedication for the gaming community.

Dr. Disrespect has teamed up with Call of Duty veteran and strategist Robert Bowling and Quinn Delhoyo, Halo 5 multiplayer designer to launch a new AAA Game Studio namely Midnight Society. The studio is focused on best PVP multiplayer experience that you probably have never seen.

Check out the official tweet from Dr. Disrespect:

Although it’s too early to tell what the studio is working on, we can definitely tell something big is coming. What happens when veteran gamers team up? Lot’s of fireworks.

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