Minecraft Player Builds Driveable Car in Vanilla Game

Minecraft has attracted millions of players over the years and one of the main reasons for this popularity is the big map Minecraft offers. Minecraft is a crafting game where you make use of the tools to create everything imaginable. Gamers have built many fascinating things over the years on Minecraft that socked the world. Minecraft has over 600 million active players and is considered one of the best video games of all time not in terms of gameplay, graphics, or the story but in terms of the limitless, it gives to the gamers.

Mysticat is one of the most popular YouTubers best known to play and stream Minecraft gaming videos. In his recent video, he showed how he has managed to create a car in Minecraft, an actual freaking car! Minecraft isn’t just a bunch of blocks and the car he has created isn’t just a few blocks placed together to make it look like a car. The player can actually drive this car to move from one place to another and in any direction just like a real car. This creativity was created by Mysticat in the vanilla version of the game without any mods whatsoever.

Check out the video below!

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