Netflix in Getting into Video Games

Netflix, one of the biggest streaming service in the world is getting into video games. Yes! you heard that right. You will soon be able to enjoy video games in Netflix. Netflix & Chill and Video Games. Netflix’s executives have spoken for the first time about the video games aspirations of the company.

Netflix will first start providing mobile games for no charge to the subscribers to add value to their overall service. Netflix reports that their subscribers in US and Canada has decreased by 400k in second quarter of 2021. Adding video games looks like a right move to make for Netflix to keep their subscribers engaged.

Video games have their own fanbase and people often watch movies while enjoying games in the side. It might just be what many of Netflix’s customers need. As a Netflix lover myself, it would be really good to see video games in Netflix.

Netflix’s COO and CPO Greg Peters in an interview mentioned they plan to deliver more entertainment to their users with the addition of video games.

IGN few days back mentioned Every Video Games Adaptation coming to Netflix in one of their video. So we might even get to see our favorite video game characters in Netflix. Check out below!

Netflix must retain subscribers to sustain says Soccocia. The two concepts of Streaming Service and Video Games can be a huge success for Netflix in the coming future. Netflix is already dominating the entertainment world with over 200 million global subscribers.’

Recently released TV series, “Squid Game” became the highest watched Netflix series ever with 142+ million household views. Introducing video games might be just what users need!

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