Nvidia Spent 1.8M Hours Testing GPU Drivers

It’s a no-brainer to say graphics cards are nothing with a quality graphics driver. Even if you using the latest graphics card on your device, if the driver that runs the graphics card is old, you will get poor performance. Remember how just updating the graphics card fixed almost all problems in a video game including stutters, lags, and crashes.

To explain this, Nvidia recently released a video that explains what it takes to go into driver development. Nvidia posted the video on their YouTube channel in which they mark the 7 years since the first release of the Game Ready Driver Program. In their video, they mentioned how they spent up to 1.8 million hours testing graphics drivers in 2021. According to Nvidia, they conducted tests up to 1000 tests a day on a range of hardware configurations to ensure the proper working of the drivers.

Nvidia also explained about not releasing the beta version of the drivers with minimal testing which is a good step as gamers would be frustrated to update the driver every time their game starts crashing. Nvidia and AMD have a head-to-head competition in the market when it comes to optimizing the drivers for video games. Many gamers have complained about how the latest release of the Cyberpunk 2077 game has similar frame rates on both of the top-end graphics cards of Nvidia and AMD.

While a graphics card is PC hardware, graphics drivers are the software that runs the driver while playing video games. Graphics drivers are amazing software that can run huge machines smoothly and efficiently. With the quality hardware and software combination of graphics, you can get the maximum performance and an immersive gaming experience.

Nvidia says that its latest drivers have 25 million lines of code which is similar to the code of an airlines system of a fighter jet. If proper testing is not done, the jet might crash down. Similarly, the game will crash in case of any incompatibilities and ruin the gaming experience. The Game Ready program is designed to deliver day one stability and performance. What’s worse than having to wait for a driver update to fix a bug every time.

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