The Last of Us Remake is Coming to PC

Good news for the PC gamers, the Last of Us Remake is finally coming to the PC. We have finally got a full preview of The Last of Us Part 1 and a few details on the upcoming multiplayer mode of the game. However, the summer game fest didn’t provide any clarity on if the game was coming to PC or not or if it was in development for PC. Although Naughty dog gave an assurance that they were working on it, we weren’t sure until when.

Preview: The Last of Us is the award-winning Playstation game and one of the most iconic games in the history of the survival games besides the Resident Evil franchise. The long-rumored remake of the game was in development for a very long time and thanks to The Last of Us Part 2, the original remake of the first game will now be called “The Last of Us Part 1”.

The listing most notably says it’s releasing on PS5 on coming September 2 and is in development for PC. So perhaps the game might or might not release in 2022 for PC but you never know what Naughty Dog has planned.

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