Apple Music is Now Available on Playstation 5

Sony recently announced that Apple Music will now available in Playstation 5 and gamers can play music through Apple’s official streaming service. Although Spotify is already offering music streaming service in both PS5 and Xbox, Apple Music offers few key benefits over Spotify including combining songs in the Apple Music catalog you own.

PS5 users with a subscription to Apple Music can now directly stream music from their Playstation 5. As a subscriber, you can enjoy over 90 million songs in Apple Music and thousands of playlists to choose from. You can even watch music videos, concerts, live events and much more in Playstation with Apple Music.

Playstation users can start the music app by pressing the PS button before or during the game and play their favorite music with just a press. To start the Music:

  1. Press PS Button on DualSense Controller
  2. Go to Control Center
  3. Select Your Music

From the music center, you can find recommendations based on the game you are playing. You can also choose form library or any other playlists that you like.

As as subscriber, you can watch and stream music videos as well. Apple Music streams hundreds of fresh curated contents that gamers can enjoy while gaming.

Apple Music is available on various devices including Google Next, Android, Apple, Samsung Smart TVs and now Playstation.

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