Dr. Mario World Has Shut Down

Mario was one of the favorite games of 80’s and 90’s kids and many versions of Mario were released over the years in different platforms including PC and consoles. While games like Mario Kart Tour became super successful on mobile devices and Super Mario Bros on consoles, Dr. Mario has come to an end. The developers of Dr. Mario World sent out an end-of-service notification this week and the game that was free to play on mobile devices is no longer available. The announcement was made through a tweet on their official channel.

Hundreds of memories coming to an end and gamers can do nothing but hold their tears back. I myself played this game for quite sometime with my friends and I can say, it’s little sad to see it coming to an end. As per developers, a web page called Dr. Mario Memories that is intended to give gamers a final trip to the Mario World.

The game was released on 2019 and within the 3 days of release, the game was downloaded over 2 million times. Although the game received the success it intended, the financial success as compared to Super Mario Run lead the game to shut down. Super Mario Run has double the downloads than Dr. Mario World and

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