Halo TV Series Trailer Reveals Cortana, Spartans, and More

The Much Awaited Halo TV Series is Here and It's Awesome

Paramount+ has finally released the much-awaited trailer for the Halo TV series. The Halo TV series is based on the most loved video game franchise Halo. And why not? You just can’t hate Master Chief. The trailer reveals various video game characters including the AI computer Cortana, various spartans in a scenic environment that seems to be inspired by the Mandalorian.

A lone wolf in the desert, seeking its path through the apocalyptic world, and a friendship between the Master Chief and rebel portrayed by Yerin Ha. The series might focus on Master Chief’s clash with rivals from the first video game which was released in 2001. It going to be very interesting how the creators of the TV series connect the story to the story of the video game and characters. We hope you are as excited as we are to watch the series. You just can’t get enough of Master Chief, check out the official trailer of the Halo TV Series below!

Halo TV Series Trailer

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