The Best Gaming Keyboards under $200

Whether you are just a casual gamer or a professional, a great gaming keyboard will provide you comfort and reliability during long gaming sessions. A gaming keyboard is also a part of your gaming setup and you need a perfect keyboard to match your needs.  There are numerous keyboards on the market and choosing the best one for you can be overwhelming.

When it comes to keyboards, there are many factors to consider. One of those factors is the available features like switch types, anti-ghosting keys, or the build quality. For example, some keyboards give you the option to turn your keyboard light on and off, while others allow you to control the speed at which your keyboard is responding. There are many other features that you will want to consider when it comes to your keyboard.

But you don’t have to break the bank to get all these features in one keyboard. If you want to buy a gaming keyboard for your setup without spending much, below is a list of the best gaming keyboards under $200. These keyboards offer features that are most suited to meet your expectation in terms of performance. Without further ado, let’s explain the features offered by each of these gaming keyboards.

Razer Huntsman Mini

The Razer Huntsman Mini is our top pick for the best gaming keyboards that you can purchase in 2022. Razer Huntsman Mini is not great just in terms of its size which makes it easy to carry anywhere you go but for the speed, it provides when you press a button. This keyboard is faster than any traditional mechanical switch keyboard as it uses optical beam-based actuation.

Pressing the key has a response rate that’s faster than the speed of light and speed matters the most when you are buying a gaming keyboard. You can personalize Razer Huntsman Mini with Razer Chroma which supports 16.8 million colors that you can choose from. Built with Aluminum, Razer Huntsman Mini will assure you structural integrity. The macros are fully programmable and you can map and remap all your keypress combinations to meet your gaming requirements.

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Razer Ornata Chroma

The Razer Ornata Chroma is our second pick for the best gaming keyboards. With its high-performance key switches and comfortable soft-cushioned membrane switch, the Razer Ornata Chroma will provide you nothing but comfort in your long gaming sessions. The keyboard offers a personalization feature with Razer Chroma just like our top pick Razer Huntsman and you can choose from 16.8 million colors for your backlit keys.

The Hypershift allows you to fully program your keys and keypress to meet your gaming requirements. When you play games for hours, your hands begin to hurt while pressing keys and just sitting over the keyboard. The Razer Ornata Chroma provides an ergonomic hand rest to maximize your gaming comfort. The hand rest is made up of soft-touch leatherette that will provide a soft touch when you put your hands over it. The keyboard supports up to 80 million clicks ensuring reliability for years to come.

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Corsair K100

The Corsair K100 is known for its cutting-edge performance, durability, style, and customization features that every gamer thirsts for. Made with a durable aluminum frame that will last till eternity, the Corsair offers dynamic RGB lighting that you can customize as you need. The keyboard is equipped with a Corsair Axon Hyper-processing technology that will enable you the most advanced gaming experience by delivering 4x faster output. Additionally, the Corsair K100 offers programmable iCUE software control to take control over backlighting, and customize the keyboard to perform actions while playing video games or running any other software.

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ROCCAT Vulcan 121

The ROCCAT Vulcan 121 is a mechanical keyboard designed by ROCCAT engineers, especially for gamers who love mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are superior to any other keyboards when it comes to smooth and rapid actuation and the feel of mechanical switches is something you can ignore in a gaming keyboard. Built with advanced anti-ghosting technology, the ROCCAT Vulcan is optimized to ensure that every keystroke is registered no matter how random or fast the action gets.

ROCCAT offers mixer-style media control to take control over your volume dial, and backlit media. You can easily adjust your RBG and volume with it and even switch it off if not needed. The ROCCAT provides fully customizable keys that you can adjust as per your gaming needs. Whether it’s aggressive gaming or relaxed typing, the keyboard ensures comfortability and durability with its aircraft-grade aluminum frames and built. The keyboard switches are built to keep the dust and dirt from entering the keyboard. If you are looking for something fancy without sacrificing features for your gaming setup, the ROCCAT Vulcan 121 is the right choice to make.

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Logitech G915 TKL

Logitech is one of the world’s most-selling gaming gear brands and the new Logitech G915 TKL is one of the best gaming keyboards that you can buy in 2022. The Logitech G915 TKL is a wireless gaming keyboard that provides keystroke performance at the speed of light and delivers 40 hours of single full charge battery backup. The Logitech G915 TKL ensures you don’t run out of battery during the gaming hours to interrupt your sessions. The light sync technology used in the keyboard provides RGB lighting and you can personalize the keys and create animations from more than 16 million colors integrated with the Logitech G Hub software.

The keyboard additionally offers low-profile mechanical switches that are accurate and provide improved performance than most wired gaming keyboards. The design of the keyboard is really tenkeyless and provides more room for the mouse. You can store the USB of the keyboard at the back of the keyboard ensuring portability. The dedicated media control keys are engineered to provide you with all the controls including volume, play, pause, mute, and skip media and RGB controls. If you are looking to buy a wireless gaming keyboard, you couldn’t find a better option than Logitech G915 TKL for under $200.

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