Xbox Series S and X Gets New Storage Expansion Options

If you are an Xbox gamer, you’ve probably always faced low storage issue while installing video games. The older model of Xbox (Xbox S and Xbox X) series needed serious update with their storage expansion and Microsoft have finally heard the voice of millions.

Microsoft have announced the new storage expansion option for the Xbox S and X series. The new 512GB card is priced at $139 and larger 2TB card is priced at $399. These new card can be attached to the rear slot of both Xbox Series X and S to match its internal SSD and add extra storage to the Xbox.

Below are the updated list of Xbox storage Cards [Updated 2022]

Storage CardPrice in 2022

Microsoft previously committed to providing more storage expansion options and they have finally delivered it. These storage expansion cards certainly offer more ease for Xbox, however, there is only one manufacturer for these expansion cards. Seagate’s top 2TB storage model is priced lower than Samsung’s 980 Pro SSD for PS5 i.e $449. Additionally, Sony is offering cheaper options for PS5 owners with Gen 4 SSDs for just $300.

We can expect the new 512GB and 2TB Xbox storage expansion cards to be available in November and December respectively in Walmart and Amazon.

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